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Lebanon Property Management's development projects focus on environmentally sustainable sites that are improved to provide our region with new commercial centers and residential communities of a quality that we can all be proud.

Site Work & Design

Identifying the right site is key for bringing cost containment under control as well as meshing well with the community. We look for infrastructure access, natural topography, wetland and steep slope in order to assess the value of a parcel. We then go through extensive research and preparation for a site plan.

Review & Permitting

Another important step in our processes is to solicit and include input from our community members to ensure a smooth permit process. This is an important practice in our region and in any village, town, or small city environment. We have learned to embrace this process and have found that in the long run we have more successful projects and improved relationships within our communities.

Construction & Implementation

Once the plans have been reviewed and approved we begin the process of implementation. We work with local construction companies and purchase most of our building material from local and regional suppliers. We encourage recycling of construction materials in order to provide a clean work site with minimal waste or impact on landfills, the municipality, and service providers. We run a tight operation and work closely in conjunction with the project managers to ensure time and budget considerations.

Renting & Occupancy

Lebanon Property Management, Inc. will market and lease any vacant spaces once securing the anchor tenant(s) at a new construction project. We work cooperatively with other real estate brokers to produce high-quality tenants with desirable terms. We may at times utilize conforming and aesthetic standards to protect the quality of the project and compatibility with other tenants.

Our goal at LPM is to create projects that are the highest and best use for the land and to create economically sound buildings that bring value to our communities.